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Elixir Labs is an All-in-One group when it comes to providing everything you could ever need to turn a profit every single day, & we are adding to this list constantly!

Component and Hustles™ Plan

An Industry-Disrupting project where we compile numerous E-Commerce practices and profit off of them together as a whole community. We provide in-depth personalized support for each and every Hustle to every client so no member is ever left out.

Top Tier Community

We try to put a large emphasis on not only being a resale & entrepreneurial advisory service, but also a community that is there for you every single day. With extra features such as homework help, games/activities, competitions, and much more - we like to foster a true connection with members that extend beyond profiteering.

Software Tools

Elixir has exclusive tools available to all our members such as price checker bots, a method for bypassing deadline cancellation on middle-man selling platforms, & custom monitors for finding steals & lowkey flips online before they sell out! We also provide users exclusive free software such as Elixir Autofill, CopCode, Mobile Companion/Bot App, & Elixir Desktop App with much more on the way! We strive to provide for every need and to work on all suggestions we’re given!

Dedicated 1-on-1 Support Team

Elixir has a large team of staff ready to help you with your every need. We have organized groups of staff that are focused on Component help, Entrepreneurial & Resell Sales advice, Botting help, Question & Answer Guidance, and everything in between – you name it, Elixir has it! Tailored to serve both beginners & professionals!

Top Tier Groupbuys and Partnerships

Elixir has worked hard to build an extensive network outreach in the industry, this allows us to provide our members with exclusive access to special Bot GroupBuys, Proxy/Account Discounted GroupBuys, Beta testing for new & limited Bots, Discounted Bot Rentals & much further thanks to our loyal Partners! As our Brand’s presence increases, we will be adding to our collection of Partners!

Live Release Voice Chat

We host voice chats for every major release in order to help members that need help right before the drop. This also helps the community interact with each other on a level deeper than just conversing about profit margins. Elixir prides itself in features such as this as it demonstrates our strive to get to know our members on a personal level, & also helps push members to surpass their old limits.

Extensive Site Lists

For every major release, we compile an organized spreadsheet that contains the links of all the websites which a specific limited item will be releasing on. This helps members keep track of the websites that already dropped, and what websites to prepare for next, overall this has led to tons of success. No need to frantically research what websites are dropping anymore, leave the work to us!

Built-In Professional Support Center

A seamless-system for all members to be able to look up their question(s)/concern(s), and read up on any of the thousands of support articles we have available for clients to learn from. Within this system, we have a Roadmap™ that is used as a ‘pathway’ by members to follow as a guide when they venture through our Component and Hustles™ Plan. This enables all of our members to be able to pick up more & more streams of income without feeling overwhelmed.

Global Support

We offer Entrepreneurial & Reselling support to members from USA, Europe, Canada & Asia, with the open-mindset to add support for even more regions that release exclusive & profitable products so our presence & effects can expand globally! Nobody left behind, even those in other countries!

Exclusive Backdoors

With high-end industry connections, we're able to provide direct spoon-fed profits to our members with special sneakers, software, clothing and more that carry massive aftermarket value at a much lower cost! Leave the networking to us, collect the rewards!

Dedicated Lightning Fast Luxury Monitors

We have the fastest, best quality, & latest Monitors in the entire industry. With a growing botting population, Monitors are becoming more and more of a necessity to the average Entrepreneur & Reseller. Monitors are extremely expensive to build and maintain on one’s own, so leave it to us!

Free Giveaways + Bot Rentals For Members

Elixir is a proud partner of multiple Bot Rental Marketplaces, which allows us to provide FREE Bot rentals to our members on top of the many freebies our team already gives out for our community. This is at no cost, it is simply one of our many perks! We are always striving to give back to our supporters, & our clients.


Profitable Features


Profits Generated by Clients (USD)


Member Retention


Sites Monitored

Introducing Our Elixir iOS Companion App


View upcoming releases with resell prediction and hype status!


Stay up to Date with shock drops and latest sneaker/entrepreneurial news & alerts


Scan your item's barcodes and build your Portfolio! An in-app feature that lets users scan their box barcodes, see item info, and also the ability to add products into an online Portfolio collection!


Fast/Reliable Support System



Spoof Browser that lets users create tasks for Queue Based releases with an active 'Queue Status Checker' to easily identify your task's status. Never get stuck in line again!


Chat Room! Talk to everyone OR direct message anyone in the comunity.


Supreme + more websites Bot Compatability


More Coming Soon!

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Elixir Labs memberships are currently Sold out & Out of Stock. Our memberships are kept very limited, solely so each and every client has the best possible experience with our support, information, features, & everything in between. We pay close attention to the needs & suggestions of each and every client. If you have a reserved opportunity to join, act fast!

Elixir Labs has a retail value of 45 USD/Month to help offshore our costs as a business, and to support our team. Our intended purpose is to assist you in making hundreds to thousands through the utilization of our services. YOU CAN CANCEL AT ANY TIME BY OPENING A SUPPORT TICKET AND LETTING US KNOW YOU WOULD LIKE TO CANCEL YOUR SUBSCRIPTION.

Whenever we are celebrating loads of success, we open up memberships to join our exclusive Community. We restock memberships via our Instagram & Twitter. For your best chances at joining, you must turn on notifications for our Instagram/Twitter Posts and Stories.

Elixir operates through the global chat platform 'Discord'. ‘Discord’ can be downloaded for free from their website. To join our discord, you get instantly placed into our server when you subscribe and follow the instructions on your license key email when redeeming your key to your Discord account. This system allows new members a seamless process when getting into our server. Please make sure you aren’t inside more than 100 servers in your Discord account at the time of joining.

Not at all! We cater to everyone, from beginners to experts, both manual and bot users, and anybody in between! We have endless guides, & staff who will take you through any process to provide you with 1-on-1 assistance, a built-in help desk where you can get more information on anything that you need help with, and endless more. Elixir Labs is meant for anyone that wants more streams of income.

- After you successfully purchase a copy of Elixir Labs, within 24 hours of payment, you will receive an email that will include your Elixir Labs License Key. The email’s subject will be “Your subscription key for Elixir Labs 🔑” & the sender of the email will be [email protected]
- Once you have this email, go to our Website, click the Dashboard button in our navigation bar, sign in with your discord account, copy the license key from your email, paste it in the ‘Redeem License Key’ field, and hit ‘Redeem’. It should process and successfully bring you into your personalized Elixir User Dashboard.
- After successfully redeeming your key and binding it to your discord (following the steps above), when you visit your discord account, you will then be able to see the full package of channels inside the Elixir Labs Discord Server. If you have any trouble at all, DM us on Instagram or Open a Ticket.

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